Collecting the world : Hans Sloane and the origins of the British Museum


【作  者】James Delbourgo

【出版社】Belknap Press: An Imprint of Harvard University Press; Reprint (2019318)


【索书号】K835.616.2 /D344 /E

【简  介】When the British Museum opened its doors in 1759, it was the first free national public museum in the world. Collecting the World tells the story of the eccentric collector whose thirst for universal knowledge brought it into being.

A man of insatiable curiosity and wide-ranging interests, Hans Sloane assembled a collection of antiquities, oddities, and artifacts from around the British Empire. It became the most famous cabinet of curiosities of its time. With few curbs on his passion, he established a network of agents to supply him with objects from China, India, the Caribbean, and beyond. Wampum beads, rare manuscripts, a shoe made of human skin: nothing was off limits, regardless of its human cost. The first biography of Sloane based on his complete writings, Collecting the World portrays one of the Enlightenment’s most original and controversial luminaries.